My last couple days in Haiti the mobile clinic went to the village of Fovo on Monday and on Tuesday (my last day of mobiles) we had a last minute change of plans. We went to my favorite mountain village of Turpin! We had to change locations because this past Sunday was the elections in Haiti and there were some demonstrations (or called manifestations) in Caberet. In Haiti, demonstrations take place when people in the villages want their voice to be heard and for the government to take notice.

It was a great last day getting to spend it in the mountains with the people I love. This summer has been one of the most challenging yet best summers of my life. And all I can do is praise God for each moment. I was never expecting God to rock my life as much as He did this summer. I’ve learned more about my own fears and sin but even more about His unending grace.

Faithful He has been and faithful He will be.

The word faithful is a perfect word for my summer. God has shown me in my own life and in all circumstances His faithfulness in yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Our God is a constant, just, gracious, loving, and true God. That He is a God that fights for us, calls us to be bold in proclaiming truth, & His relentless pursuit of us never ceases. This summer was never about me but His glory.

Thank you to everyone who followed my blog and have been praying for me this summer! Please continue to pray for my transition home and for the continued work in Haiti.


IMG_7613 IMG_7612 IMG_7626 IMG_7627 IMG_7631 IMG_7632 IMG_7657 IMG_7634


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