The End Is Near


The week of August 2nd -6th the mobile clinic went to the villages of Leveque and Bercy. We set up on top of the hill in Leveque where we had an awesome view of the 450+ houses that Mission of Hope has built from blue tents to block homes post earthquake. One of the medical outreach patients Gelene lives in Leveque and came to the clinic because her blood sugar was 650. For any non-medical people out there, that high of a blood sugar level can put you into a coma fast. Morgan and I took Gelene to the MOH clinic back at main campus where she was hooked up to an IV. Morgan and I prayed for her the whole way down and when we got to the clinic her blood sugar went down to 580, still extremely dangerous but God was present.

At Bercy I had the opportunity that day to triage and assess patients as they came through the clinic. It was one of my favorite days of mobiles because not only did one of my intern friends Maggie come to mobiles that day but also I was presented with many opportunities to talk about the gospel. Days I get to triage, each time a patient sits in my seat I make it a goal to pray with each of them. The first 4 patients that sat down said that they wanted prayer to know Jesus and follow Him. I was like okay Jesus I get it, you’re teaching me to be bold in my faith and this is the time to do it.

Two of the days that week I stayed back at the MOH clinic where we had a dentist and a dental hygienist come down for the week. It was encouraging to see their hearts behind dentistry and how important the teeth are to the overall health of the body. I saw cavity fillings, teeth extractions, and all sorts of procedures. The dentist always tried to preserve the teeth before having to make the call to pull it. One girl around 10 years old came in and one of her teeth had an abscess and had to be extracted. The little girl was sobbing when she heard the news. Dr. Jennifer, one of the Haitian doctors that works at the MOH clinic saw what was taking place and stopped by. She sat next to this girl comforting her and told her even she has had many teeth pulled. Dr. Jennifer opened her mouth and showed this little girl some of the teeth she had to get extracted. I was so moved by Dr. Jennifer because of the compassion she showed to this girl. It was the first time I saw that side of Dr. Jennifer and my respect for her runs deep.

 FullSizeRenderSome of the sweet kids from the Village of Hope that helped out with mobiles  IMG_7529 IMG_7543Loved getting to work with Maggie and Edwens in Bercy!

IMG_7546 IMG_7572 IMG_7578Loved getting to work with Wiliamson this summer!  IMG_7582First girl in the villages I have met that has the same name as me 🙂  IMG_7595Sweet Jeremiah after MOH church


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