Week 11: Kalame, Haiti

This week the mobile clinic went to the village of Kalame! Kalame is a village in the mountains. It was the very first time Mission of Hope has been to this village and also my last mountain village before I leave this summer. The dirt was red and the people were gentle and very kind. Most of the people we saw had never seen a doctor. The mobile clinic usually splits the week up working in two villages, but this week we spent the whole week in Kalame. We saw 378 patients and there was 27 people that came to know Jesus! This week we also had two eye doctors and a dental hygienist that worked at the MOH clinic on site. It’s so easy for me to take something as simple as glasses for granted when a lot of people we came in contact with have never had glasses and because of that are legally blind.

On Friday I got to go with my fellow intern Ketsia to see some of her family for the first time that live in Haiti. Ketsia grew up in Delaware but both her parents grew up in Haiti. It was such a sweet time getting to meet all her extended family and get to know them. They cooked us a delicious traditional Haitian meal with rice, beans, pikliz, goat, pork, chicken, and plantains!

I have 10 days left here and it’s crazy to think about how fast this summer has gone by. Here is a video Ketsia made, so hope you enjoy!

2015-07-30 14.00.32

2015-07-31 11.17.53 2015-07-31 13.38.54 2015-07-31 14.08.07-1  2015-07-31 14.28.23


Me and the toddlers from MOH’s orphanage love getting to know these kiddos

2015-08-02 11.35.24


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