Week 6: Vaccinations in Minoterie


This week has looked quite different than any other week so far here in Haiti. I went out with the mobile clinic to downtown Cabaret Monday, and Tuesday/Wednesday I stayed back to help organize the medical room. Which is finally done!! During our breaks we would head down to the prosthetics lab which is always so sweet getting to hear the stories of life transformation that happens there.

On Thursday I had the opportunity to go with Miss Severe and my fellow intern Ketsia to the village of Minoterie to give the kids in the village vaccinations. Miss Severe is a MOH nurse who monthly goes out into the villages to give free vaccinations and educate the community. We gave vaccinations such as polio, tetanus, Hep B, TB, rota, measles, rubella, and BCG. We saw around 50 kids! It was such a cool and humbling experience getting to give these kids vaccinations that could in the future protect them from contracting diseases. We even got to ride in the ambulance back to MOH!

Some of the kids would look at me and start crying and the mothers would say it was because they haven’t seen a blan (white person) before. It was pretty hilarious I must say. But most of the kids were pretty easy to crack a smile. 🙂  I’ve officially been living in Haiti for 6 weeks which means I’m half way done with my summer here. It’s so crazy for me to think about, I feel like I just got here!

FullSizeRender IMG_7081 IMG_7082 IMG_7099 IMG_7101 IMG_7110  IMG_7115 minoterie1  vaccinations2 vaccinations3ambulance


One thought on “Week 6: Vaccinations in Minoterie

  1. Whitney, I love your blog. You are a blessing to the people you help, your family, and friends. I’m so proud of you!


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